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Great Start to 2019

The criminal defense practice at Godwin Dold has had a great start to 2019. Here are some of the great results we have achieved in a short period of time:

State v. D.K.

Client was charged with DWI and had their license revoked. We challenged everything and the revocation was rescinded and the criminal charges were dropped to a speeding ticket.

State v. J.J.

Felony coercion charge against our client was dismissed by the court after we established that the statute is unconstitutional on its face.

State v. B.M.

Marijuana DWI charges dropped, keeping our client's record completely clean of any DWIs.

State v. W.M.

Client's DWI charge was dropped to a careless driving and the license revocation was thrown out by the court.

State v. A.C.

DWI charges were dismissed and felony drug charges were not pursued by the state in light of an agreement for diversion.

State v. B.L.

3rd degree gross misdemeanor DWI charge was dropped all the way to careless driving with a minimal fine.

State v. V.M.

Client's domestic abuse charges dropped to a disorderly conduct.

In Re Welfare of S.B.

Our client's prior adjudication for 2nd degree assault was expunged pursuant to our petition.

State v. P.A.

After we discovered issues with the state's case, our client's felony DWI charge was dropped to a gross misdemeanor and no additional penalty was imposed.

The criminal defense practice at Godwin Dold fights hard for our clients and we look forward to continuing to rack up the great results.

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