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Recent DWI Victories

Over the past few months we at Godwin Dold have had some great victories on DWI cases that have resulted in charges being dropped and people’s licenses being returned to them. It has been great being able to do this for our clients. Unfortunately, we have just been too busy to blog or post about them. So here are a few of those victories.

License Revocation Rescinded and .17 Test Thrown Out

A license revocation was rescinded because a police officer made a statement to our client about what penalty she will face if she elects to take the breath test instead of refusing. The statement by the officer was actually not accurate to this case, and because the driver was misled by the officer, the revocation could not stand and the breath test result of .17 was thrown out.

Criminal Charges Dismissed

Criminal charges for DWI were dismissed by the state prior to trial. We were able to show that there was no evidence that our client ever drove or was in physical control of a motor vehicle. Accordingly, the charges were dismissed, and our client was saved from going through a trial.

License Revocation Rescinded and .18 Test Thrown Out

A peace officer told one of our clients that he would be given 30 minutes to contact a lawyer. Problem is that in Minnesota drivers are to be given a “reasonable amount of time,” which cannot be defined by a strict number of minutes. There are factors to consider, but those we not applied. Even though our client did make brief contact with a lawyer, there was no meaningful consultation because our client’s 30 minutes had expired, and the call was prematurely ended. The client’s license revocation was rescinded, and the court threw out the .18 breath test.

In addition to these outright victories, we have also secured the dismissal of multiple felony and gross misdemeanor level charges in favor of lesser counts.

The attorney you hire in your case matters and at Godwin Dold we always fight for the best possible outcome for every client.

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